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Alexandria, Louisiana

Immigration Lawyer

Every year, United States immigration laws change and become more complex. Obtaining a visa to enter the U.S. has become more and more difficult over the years, and wait times have lengthened, as well.

Since immigration law is constantly changing, it’s important to have an immigration attorney who stays on top of these changes and seeks to handle each case accordingly. The Jones Law Partners provide legal representation for individuals seeking to build a life in the U.S., and in removal proceedings. Fluent in Spanish, our Alexandria, Louisiana immigration lawyer understands the importance of knowledgeable representation and is ready to assist you in all of your immigration matters. Contact us today if you would like to arrange a consultation to discuss your needs.

Attorney Carolyn Hines is the definition of professionalism. Mrs. Hines and her firm were a wealth of knowledge and support during our cancellation of removal. They walked my significant other and myself through every step of the process. Highly recommended for any type of immigration cases.

~Kazzy A.

Immigration Law in Louisiana

Immigration law is the body of law governing the legal movement of people into and out of a country. This typically includes visas, permits, and other documents to enter or leave a country.

There are many different types of visas issued by the United States government, including tourist visas, immigrant visas, and student visas.


The primary function of immigration law is to protect the safety and well-being of its citizens. It also seeks to protect against unauthorized immigration that could disrupt the economy or harm citizens. Immigration law also protects against discriminatory practices when it comes to residency rights.

Immigration law can affect you in a number of ways:

  • It dictates who may enter the U.S. legally
  • It determines how long someone can stay in the U.S.
  • It defines what work that person may perform while in the U.S.
  • It regulates who may receive social benefits from the U.S.
  • It establishes requirements for children born abroad but residing permanently in the U.S.
  • It determines whether someone will be allowed to become a citizen or not

It’s important to have experienced legal counsel if you are facing immigration issues. Your attorney can assist you in ensuring that you follow the proper channels and submit the right documentation, attend all of your important appointments and interviews, and more.

Why Hire a Louisiana Immigration Attorney?

There is a lot of confusion about the law and what it means to be an immigrant. Fortunately, immigration attorneys like those at The Jones Law Partners have dedicated their careers to assisting people with their immigration cases.

If you’re considering hiring an immigration attorney, here are some benefits you can expect:

  • You will not have to do all the research yourself
  • You’ll work with someone who has knowledge and experience in immigration law
  • You’ll be able to confidently apply for visas or citizenship without fear of making mistakes
  • You’ll be able to ensure your application is as successful as possible

It’s important to seek experienced legal counsel in your immigration matters. After all, these lawyers are knowledgeable in this field and are dedicated to getting you the best result in your immigration case.

Immigration law is complex. It’s full of legal jargon that most people don’t understand. There are many nuances that all need to be taken into account for your situation. With an experienced immigration attorney, you’ll be able to confidently apply for a visa, work to obtain citizenship, or fight your removal proceedings without fear of making mistakes.

When choosing an immigration lawyer, you may want to consider whether they speak your language or offer resources for other services you might need. Our Jones Law Partners immigration attorney is from right here in Alexandria, Louisiana and fluent in Spanish. We are happy to offer whatever assistance suits you and your case.

Get the Legal Representation You Deserve with The Jones Law Partners

Everyone deserves the chance to live freely and openly in the United States of America. If you or someone you know is seeking citizenship, asylum, or needs to fight removal proceedings, hiring a Louisiana immigration attorney is a great way to get started on the right path. When you enlist the services of Jones Law Partners, you can trust that you’re getting an experienced lawyer who will work hard to fight for you and your case.

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