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Alexandria, Louisiana

Child Support Attorney

In all things, children should not be the victims of a divorce or separation. This is especially true when it comes to finances.

Child support is designed to make sure the children keep the same standard of living available to them as if their parents remained together. 

There is a formula to calculate child support. When done properly, the children’s standard of living improves. When done improperly, the children or a parent suffers. It is not uncommon for child support to be wrongly calculated. There are several grey areas in the formula that can be overlooked or even manipulated. 

Davey Jones is everything — awesome attorney and I highly recommend him. After a two year battle with the ex-husband I now have full custody and all rights of my two children because Davey focused on the small details and presented the truth before the judge.

~ Kristy Lynn Blake

When it comes to navigating the complicated legal aspects of child support, you need an attorney you can rely on and trust. The Jones Law Firm represents clients and the best interests of their children so that families can live with peace and stability. If you are paying child support or seeking it, I will help protect your rights.

How is Child Support Calculated in Louisiana?

Louisiana determines the obligation for child support by plugging various numbers into a worksheet. The numbers typically included are each parent’s gross monthly income, previous child support orders, income of the child, health insurance, daycare, etc. Making sure those numbers are accurate sounds easy, but can easily become complicated. Common problems are: do you include overtime, private school, or disability income? What income do we use if a parent is fired vs laid off? What if a parent works for cash? You can see where problems arise. We are skilled at sifting through the issues and making sure all of the issues are properly addressed.

This is especially important for both parents: the payor and the recipient. The custodial parent needs the proper amount of child support. The paying parent needs to be protected from overpaying. And in all cases, the children need to be properly provided for.

How can a Lawyer help with Child Support?

An aptly skilled lawyer is the only defense against improperly calculating child support. If the District Attorney, Child Support Enforcement office is involved, there is a good chance something was overlooked. They simply have too many cases going on to properly study each one. That is where I come in. I will make sure every T is crossed. I will apply the little-known statutes that are often overlooked. Simply put, I will make sure your every right is protected.

Modification of Child Support

Child Support can always be modified. Any significant change in circumstances can warrant a review. Common occurrences include a child reaching majority, a parent losing a job or gaining a promotion, or a change in custody. We should meet to discuss the change of circumstances and run some new calculations. It may or may not be the best time to file for a modification of child support.

Have a question?

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Collecting Arrears of Child Support

Sometimes, parents require help from an attorney when the other parent fails to pay child support. The state of Louisiana has the power to enforce penalties for lack of payment such as wage garnishment or interception of tax refunds. If you have not received the child support you are owed, hiring an attorney can help expedite the process of collection. There are various options to explore including contempt and garnishment.

Finding a Child Support Lawyer in Alexandria, LA

Navigating one’s child support obligations can be complex and cumbersome. Hiring an experienced family law attorney can help make the process less stressful. The Jones Law Partners serves parents throughout Alexandria, LA on various family law matters, including all aspects of child support. Our mission is to ensure that your children are protected and cared for as fairly and reasonably as possible. Since every parent’s situation is unique, we take a highly individualized approach to representing my clients so that they can focus on what matters most: raising their children.

If you have questions about child support, call the Jones Law Firm at (318) 442-1515.

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