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Alexandria, Louisiana

Adoptions Lawyer

Bringing families together through adoption is easily the most rewarding part of my job. I believe that fostering or adopting a child is the most noble act a human being can do. It would be our great privilege to help you.

But it has to be done correctly. There is often lots of red tape. The paperwork has to be perfect. The circumstances have to follow the law. It all has to be carefully tailored. That is where my experience with the adoption process can help families grow. Every adoption is unique. Working with an experienced family law attorney can help families protect their interests and sometimes, expedite the adoption process.

Very efficient and thorough. Mr Jones helped with our Intra family adoption and we are so happy.

~ Edward Kara Conover

Types of Adoptions in Louisiana

The Jones Law Partners assist clients with the following types of adoptions:


Adult Adoptions:

As it sounds, this is when one adult adopts another adult. This commonly occurs when a person raises a child but never formally adopted him or her. Once they reach the age of majority, an adult adoption is available. It is relatively straight forward, in the legal sense. We are happy to make sure all of the paperwork is properly executed.

Intrafamily Adoptions:

An intrafamily adoption is where a child is adopted by a step-parent, grandparent, or other family member. There are a few prerequisites, but the most general is that the adopting person must have custody for at least six months. Sometimes this means terminating the parental rights of biological parents. The process can be tricky, and there are several procedural requirements that must be followed.

Private/Independent Adoptions:

Many times, children are adopted in a collaborative process with birth parents and adopting parents. This type of adoption can involve birth parents choosing adoptive parents through a pool of candidates or an agreement between parties who know each other. While this process is more flexible, there are still a number of legal requirements to be met to ensure that private adoptions meet state standards. We can assist with protecting the rights of their clients and meeting all necessary legal regulations.

Foster Care Adoptions:

This type of adoption involves prospective parents adopting a child who is in the foster system. The fostering process can be a lengthy, sometimes lasting up to 18 months. Often the state will facilitate the adoption process. Sometimes, adoptive parents can benefit from a private lawyer to protect the foster child and make sure the adoption is processed correctly. The Jones Law Firm can help streamline the process by assisting with paperwork and navigating the complicated legal procedures set forth by the state of Louisiana.

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Legal requirements and procedures can vary substantially with each type of adoption.

Since adoption law is complex in the state of Louisiana, it’s important to solicit legal advice. One misstep could significantly lengthen and complicate the adoption process. Our law office offers compassionate and knowledgeable guidance so that the adoption process is as efficient and joyous as possible.

Adoption Assistance is a Call Away

The Jones Law Partners serve families throughout Alexandria and the neighboring communities with all matters of family law, including adoptions. We will help you through the complicated legal process to ensure that you can focus on what matters: the people you love.

Call The Jones Law Partners at (318) 442-1515 to schedule a consultation.

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