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Auto Accident

How Long Does A Louisiana Car Accident Settlement Take?

By November 21, 2022May 23rd, 2024No Comments

Car accidents are one of the most common insurance claims made every year.  

Therefore, it’s not always clear how long you should expect your settlement to take after filing. It can take anywhere from a few months to a few years.  

The minimum amount of time is one to two months after filing your claim with your insurance provider. But depending on the severity of your injuries and your claim, it may take years to be resolved.  

The most important factor to be mindful of is that a claim should only resolve after you have finished treating for your accident-related injuries. Any settlement that is made prior to healing from your injuries is speculative. In other words, a settlement is designed to compensate you for your injury. If you are not yet healed, we do not yet know how much compensation is appropriate.

Other reasons why your settlement may take longer than expected is because of an investigation of your accident, the number of parties involved with your claim, and the research needed. 

All of these factors increase the amount of time needed to provide an accurate investigation of your claim.

With the help of an experienced Louisiana personal injury attorney like our team at Jones Law Partners, however, you can do everything in your power to move your case along as successfully and as swiftly as possible.

What factors cause delays in these types of settlements?

Some of the most common factors that affect then the length of a settlement are due to:

  • Scale of Injury
  • Cooperation of your Insurance company
  • Court cases and proceedings

The scale of your injury is hugely controlling of the speed of your case. Minor injuries result in prompt settlements. Major injuries which require lengthy treatment generally require a longer wait.

Depending on the gravity of your injuries, the medical diagnosis, and analysis of your injuries, your claim may take years.  Your insurance company often encounters false claims, which is why they perform an extensive analysis of your injuries.

Because every insurance company has a different approach to claim handling, you should immediately contact your insurance company after an accident. The sooner you file a claim the better so that the process can officially start. 

There are deadlines imposed upon insurance companies to promptly and fairly adjust claims and offer settlement payments.

What is the Court Procedure?

The court process is typically slow and methodical.  There are many factors that increase the length of your claim because of elements that must be carefully investigated and researched for a proper settlement to be reached.   

Some elements of a court case that cause delays are:

  • Accident severity
  • Number of parties involved
  • Level of injuries sustained
  • Financial amount requested
  • Discovery

If settlement negotiations fail, the final remedy for you is a trial either in front of a judge or jury. Reaching that court date takes a long time and amplifies costs.  Then, if either side disagrees with the verdict, an appeal may occur.

Appeals take even longer. Even in a “fast” case, a trial and appeal would take years to conclude.

Why a Long Waiting Period Can Be Preferable

Good work takes time. Investigative discovery for complicated accidents takes time. Proper healthcare for serious injuries takes time. While this time is tolling, we are learning helpful information and you are healing.

So, delays are not necessarily bad. No one wants to wait without cause, but sometimes it is necessary. 

Also, often settlement ends more favorably after some time passes. If a trial date is looming, the insurance company is more willing to settle. So, the time it takes to await the trial date is a helpful delay tactic.  

Serious injury from an accident inevitably renders substantial medical records, which must be gathered and organized. It takes significant time for the attorneys on your team to prepare and provide documents that support your claim.  

We try our best to make sure you do not have unnecessary suffering, particularly as regards healthcare and finances. Rarely the insurance company will pay for ongoing medical bills.

Usually, your lawyer will handle those expenses as they arise either by paying them directly or via a credit arrangement with the doctor. 

Obviously delays are difficult to deal with, particularly when there seems to be no reason for the delays. It is important that your attorney explain the process and keep you apprised of activity.

The more you know, the more comfortable you can become with what seems like a long process.

Contact Attorney Davey Jones today

Because of the varying factors of every automobile accident claim, the amount of time it takes to receive a settlement depends on a multitude of factors.

To ensure you have the best representation possible and the best chance of receiving an acceptable settlement in a reasonable amount of time, contact personal injury attorney Davey Jones.

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