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What Should I do if the Adjuster Handling My Car Accident Claim Won’t Help Me?

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When a motorist gets in a car accident and files a claim with their insurer or the other driver’s insurance company, their case will be assigned to a claims adjuster. 

This adjuster has several tasks they must complete, including assisting the claimant and addressing any questions they may have and estimating what the damage is worth and how much a claimant should receive.

Sadly, many insurance adjusters fail to provide a claimant with the answers and assistance they are seeking and often provide them with a settlement offer that doesn’t cover the actual cost of the damage that was done.

In this blog, we cover what to do if the adjuster handling your car accident claim won’t help you. If you need more assistance, our team at The Jones Law Firm will be happy to talk to you about your specific case.

How do I know if I’m dealing with an unfair adjuster?

In all states, and certainly in Louisiana, claimants might run into adjusters who don’t provide them with all the information they need.

Let’s take a look at an example.

Let’s say an insurance adjuster is offering you a settlement for $10,000 for your injuries, but they are actually worth $15,000. 

$15,000 happens to be what the minimum bodily injury liability insurance coverage is for drivers in the state of Louisiana. This means that if your injuries were to amount to $15,000, then you would be entitled to recover this amount. 

However, the insurance adjuster refuses to tell you what the maximum amount of compensation is that you are eligible to receive and simply tells you that you can only collect the $10,000.

What can I do if the adjuster isn't helping?

When a car crash victim is paired with an insurance adjuster who isn’t providing them with the quality service they should receive, they have a few different options they can explore to see if they can get their issue resolved. 

  1. If your circumstances are similar to the example above or you are dealing with another issue you can’t seem to resolve, you can always request to speak with a supervisor. 
  2. In the event a supervisor is unable to provide you with the help or information you need, then your next step should be to contact an Alexandria, Louisiana car accident attorney like Davey Jones. In fact, you might want to consider contacting our firm before an issue develops to ensure your claim is being handled properly and that you are being offered a fair amount of compensation.

The sad truth is that insurance companies aren’t your friend and rarely will they provide you with the actual amount of compensation you are eligible to receive.

Therefore, if you are finding that the insurance adjuster responsible for handling your claim doesn’t want to answer your questions, or is avoiding providing you with information that would allow you to potentially collect more for your damages, it would be in your best interest to speak with a Louisiana car crash lawyer.

The Jones Law Firm is here to help you get the compensation you deserve

Our team at The Jones Law Firm has been helping accident victims just like you recover the amount of money they actually deserve, even when the insurer tries to pay them less.

If you would like us to assist you with addressing your issue, contact our firm today to get started.

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