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18 wheeler accident

What to do After an 18 Wheeler Accident

By September 13, 2021December 14th, 2021No Comments

If you are involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler, your life will likely never be the same.

These massive trucks are all over the highways in Louisiana and beyond. Most times, they travel the state safely. But sometime, accidents happen. And when accidents happen with big trucks, there are massive impacts and serious injuries. 

From our team of experienced truck accident attorneys at Jones Law Firm, here’s what to do after an 18-wheeler accident.

Initial steps after the accident

Try not to panic. Try to think clearly and act decisively.

In an emergency situation:

  • If possible, shield yourself and others from injury. Then, make sure everyone is safely away from the wreckage.
  • In the aftermath of the accident, check for injuries. Help the injured, including yourself, giving appropriate emergency medical attention.
  • Once you are sure everyone is stabilized and the emergency medical responders are making a beeline to the scene of the accident, contact the police.

The responding police officer will document the crash with a formal accident report and interview eyewitnesses.

Document the scene of the accident

Our police officers do the best they can, but canvassing the scene to prepare for a lawsuit is not a priority for them. 

Here’s what you should do to cover all your bases:

  • Take pictures: If you are capable of using your smartphone, take pictures of the accident on your own. This way, you will have pictures or at least drawings that accurately reflect the scene of the accident, the position of the vehicles and the physical damage.  
  • Write notes: If you remember anything about the accident, write it down as soon as possible.  This information just might help your attorney craft a compelling legal case that leads to significant financial compensation.
  • Collect eyewitness’s contact information: Flag down eyewitnesses. If anyone observed the crash, take down their name, contact information, and a witness statement with your smartphone’s video function or with pen and paper.

Meet with the doctor even if you feel fine

Plenty of truck accident victims make the mistake of assuming that because they feel fine after the accident, they must not have any health problems. Just because you do not currently feel pain stemming from the truck accident does not mean latent issues could not arise later.

Not only could skipping the doctor after your accident mean that latent injuries go undiagnosed, but it could also give a judge or jury the impression that the truck accident did not cause you considerable pain.

We will gather your medical records before your case goes to court, but take notes on the doctors you see and the diagnostics or procedures you undergo.

Reach out to a truck accident attorney

Obtaining compensation for a truck accident is a challenge, because trucking companies have experienced corporate attorneys in their corner. This is not the type of legal challenge you can take on alone. You will undoubtedly miss something significant. You need a seasoned truck accident attorney to have any chance at justice.

If you are interested in hiring Jones Law FIrm, you will meet with our legal team, explain exactly what happened, and present any evidence you already have. We’ll get to work on developing the perfect legal strategy for your unique case. We will explain all of your rights and options.  

Contact the Jones Law Firm today

Our legal team is here to explain the letter of the law in plain English, represent you in and out of a court of law, and boost your chances of recovering damages. You deserve compensation. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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