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Auto Accident

What to do after an Uber accident

By November 18, 2019May 23rd, 2024No Comments

Most people have a general idea of what to do after a car accident yet most are unaware as to the optimal course of action after their Uber driver crashes into another vehicle, person or stationary object.  Though Uber and other rideshare services are fairly new, there is a distinct path victims of such accidents should take to maximize their chances of obtaining compensation. Here is a quick look at how to proceed after a wreck in an Uber or another ridesharing vehicle.

Auto Insurance in the Context of Uber Vehicles

Vehicles used by Uber drivers are owned by those drivers as opposed to their employer.  This means the vehicle is used for work when the driver is on-the-clock and used for personal reasons when the driver is not driving for Uber.  If the vehicle is not on the app at the time of an accident, the driver’s sole coverage is his or her personal automobile insurance policy.  If the driver is on the app, Uber provides supplemental liability on top of the driver’s own auto insurance coverage.  As soon as the driver has picked up a customer, the company’s $1 million liability coverage immediately kicks in.

Injured in an Uber?  Obtain Medical Assistance Right Away

Passengers in Uber vehicles should seek medical treatment for their injuries.  Obtaining timely medical treatment is important for several reasons. The treating physician or emergency medical personnel will gauge the extent of the injuries to minimize your pain and provide the medical report necessary for a successful personal injury claim.  Your attorney will rely on this medical report to prove your injuries are causally related to the Uber accident. Ideally, you will meet with a medical professional for an analysis and write-up of your injuries within a few hours of the accident. Do not wait any longer than 72 hours to meet with a physician.  Delay beyond this time period and it will be that much easier for insurance representatives to argue your injuries are unrelated to the Uber crash.

Use Your Smartphone to Your Advantage 

Though it is advisable to contact the police immediately after an Uber accident, there is no guarantee the formal police report will identify the party at fault or be accurate in any other manner.  Nor is there any guarantee the police officer who responds to the scene will interview eyewitnesses. Take the initiative to document the accident in-depth with your smartphone. Turn on your smartphone’s recording feature just in case the Uber driver or another driver admits fault after the accident.  Take video/snapshots of the accident scene, damage to the vehicles and your person. This evidence just might make the difference between a successful personal injury lawsuit and one that fails to yield the intended result.

Do not Assume You Will be Compensated Simply Because You are a Passenger 

Though it might seem like a gross miscarriage of justice, some Uber passengers have absorbed a percentage of fault for injuries resulting from crashes.  If you were not wearing your seatbelt at the time of the accident or if your actions distracted the driver, it is possible for opposing counsel to argue your injuries are your own fault.  The sad truth is Uber accidents are nowhere near as clear-cut as most assume.  This is precisely why you need a savvy personal injury attorney on your side to prove the Uber driver or another party is truly at fault for the collision and subsequent injuries.

Contact an Attorney Right Away 

The most important thing you can do after an Uber wreck is reach out to a savvy personal injury attorney.  Your attorney will handle discussions with the insurance company on your behalf. This way, you will not fall into one of the many traps set by the insurance company adjuster.  Your attorney knows exactly how insurance companies operate.

Let The Jones Law Firm negotiate on your behalf to ensure your rights are fully protected and you are provided with the compensation you need and deserve after this unfortunate incident. Contact my office today if you’ve been involved in an Uber accident.


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