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Why is my immigration case taking so long in Louisiana?

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If you’ve got a pending immigration case in Louisiana, you may be wondering why there haven’t been any updates in a while, or why it’s taking so long in general. The length of your immigration case in Louisiana can vary considerably, depending on several different factors. 

We’re going to take a look at why immigration cases can take longer than other types, as well as some of the factors that may have an impact on that time. In the end, we’ll talk about why our team at Jones Law Partners is uniquely qualified to represent your Louisiana immigration case.

Factors That Can Affect Your Louisiana Immigration Case

The length of an immigration case can vary greatly depending on several factors; however, there are a few factors that tend to have more influence than others. 

These factors include the individual’s specific circumstances, the current workload, and the resources of the relevant government agencies. In Louisiana, the average processing time for immigration cases can range from just several months to several years long.

  • Immigration Type

Depending on the complexity of the case and the resources available to the relevant government agencies, different types of immigration cases can have varying processing times. Because of the thorough background investigations and security inspections necessary for citizenship, naturalization (citizenship) petitions often take longer to process than other types of cases, such as employment-based visas.

  • Case Complexity

Some cases can be more complex than others, due to issues such as prior immigration violations, criminal records, or national security concerns. In these situations, the government may take longer to process the case, as they need to thoroughly review the individual’s background and history. In certain circumstances, extended personal interviews with agency personnel may be required.

  • Government Agency Backlogs

Processing timeframes can also be affected by the number of pending cases and the resources available to government bodies. Wait periods can be extended when there are a large number of cases awaiting processing for Louisiana residents. This is especially true for situations requiring significant legal difficulties or security screenings, which might necessitate additional time and money to process.

  • Additional Evidence Requests

To make a judgment on a matter, the government may require further information or paperwork, which might cause delays. For example, if the government needs further information to verify an individual’s identification or status, the subject may be asked to furnish additional papers. It is critical to answer these requests as soon as possible to avoid further delays in your case’s progress.

Do You Really Need An Immigration Lawyer For Your Case?

While it isn’t mandatory or required that you work with an attorney for your case, partnering with a Louisiana lawyer that has extensive experience with the immigration system can dramatically boost your chances of not only getting the result you want but getting it as quickly as possible. 

Immigration regulations may be complicated, and navigating the system can be challenging for people who do not have legal training. 

Additionally, an immigration lawyer can also help to ensure that all required documentation is properly completed and filed, and can represent clients in court or in communications with government agencies. This can eliminate costly refiling or delays in having the case heard. 

Finally, your lawyer can be a valuable source of guidance and answers to your questions about the process.

Jones Law Partners Are Ready To Be Your Trusted Immigration Partner

The experienced immigration lawyers at Jones Law Partners have a thorough understanding of immigration laws and procedures and are committed to providing high-quality representation to our clients. If you are looking for an experienced immigration lawyer, contact Jones Law Partners today to schedule a consultation, and get started on your immigration journey.

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