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Why Properly Investigating a Truck Accident Is Critically Important

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Accident investigations are essential to accurately determining fault in everyday crashes yet these investigations are particularly important for truck accidents.  A careful accident investigation is necessary for truck accidents particularly when various parties may share the blame.  The authorities must have an accurate idea of what happened, why it happened and which party is responsible for the accident.  


Investigating a truck accident

According to federal motor law, truck accidents must be analyzed by a certified truck inspector at the scene.  Unfortunately, this inspection has the potential to prove abbreviated. It might not reveal what caused the accident and which parties are at fault.  If the initial crash scene investigation proves inconclusive, it will be necessary to conduct an even more detailed analysis. This means a reconstruction of the crash scene will be performed to get an idea as to what actually happened and which party is completely or partially liable for damages.


Reconstructing the Truck Accident Scene

Though certified truck inspectors are required to inspect every single truck accident, a considerable amount of work is necessary to get to the truth of the matter.  The reconstruction of a crash scene provides mechanical experts and others with the opportunity to determine the true cause of the accident. This investigation is of the utmost importance in cases in which a trucking company might attempt to sidestep legal battle in the courtroom by holding back essential evidence.  The trucking company is legally obligated to provide requested information to authorities such as forensic experts.

In order to reconstruct the truck accident scene, actual crash scene photos will be used in combination with testimony and technical information gleaned from the scene.  Even the black box in the truck or the victim’s vehicle’s computer can provide insightful information to reveal exactly what happened and why it happened. The event is recreated down to the very last detail to determine the cause, responsible parties and what sort of financial settlement will prove appropriate.


Both Sides Investigate the Truck Accident

It is nearly a guarantee the trucking company will send at least one investigator to the scene of the crash in a few hours or less.  The trucking company’s aim is to analyze the scene for evidence that can limit the trucking business’s liability. This is precisely why you need a talented personal injury attorney in your corner.  

Lean on the right attorney for assistance and this professional will investigate the accident on your behalf.  Hire the wrong attorney and the value of your claim might plummet due to an insufficient or delayed investigation.  The moral of this story is analyzing a truck accident is an inherently complicated process. Even the lawsuit and settlement following a truck accident will prove complex as there are usually several overlapping federal and state regulations.


The On-scene Investigation is not Enough

Oftentimes, on-scene investigations performed immediately after a truck crash prove somewhat superficial.  Though on-scene investigators have an important role to play, they are merely the initial step. The best investigators do not limit their analysis to what is presented to them on the day of the crash.  Ideally, the truck accident investigator will look to verify the truck driver and the truck are properly licensed.

If the trucking company has let licenses slip beyond the expiration date, failed to maintain the truck or have the truck properly inspected, it will be noted in the investigation.  Truly comprehensive investigations include a full background check on all parties involved in the accident. In some cases, researching trailer or truck equipment failures can lead to the discovery of negligence on behalf of a truck parts manufacturer or another party.

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